How to Reduce The Risk of Skin Cancer

Getting vitamin D from the sun is always good for your skin, especially
the one in the early morning. However, getting too much sun exposure
may cause you harm. Sun exposure between 10 AM to 4 PM is the most
hazardous. Skin cancer is related to excessive UV radiation. As reported,
Australia has a high rate of skin cancer, putting up men as one of the highrisk categories. Thanks to skin cancer awareness among the people, many of the skin cancers are treatable and have a high survival rate in Australia.

Although skin cancer is partly caused by genetic reasons, however, we can
always try to reduce or minimize the risk of getting it. Especially for high
risked people. Having your skin all protected from the UV radiation must
be done every day. UV radiation can penetrate even when the weather is
cloudy. UV rays reflect off of surfaces such as water, sand, snow, etc. This
is why you need to use sunscreen every time you’re going out.
UV radiation exposure aggressively happens between 10 AM to 4 PM. You
should try your best not to get a sunburn during the daytime. Here are
some recommendations to avoid too much exposure to UV radiation:

• Always apply sunscreen all over your body whenever you have
outdoor activities. The sunscreen must have a sun protection factor or
SPF at least 15 or higher. The higher the better. You can choose the
type of sunscreen that doesn’t cause allergies to your skin. Do not
forget to reapply it every two hours.
• Stay in the shades so you are not in direct sunlight, especially during
the most intense hours of UV radiation. You can also wear an
umbrella to protect you from sun exposure.
• Wear clothing that covers your body. You can choose long and
lightweight fabric when you have outdoor activities.
• Wear a hat that will protect the skin of your face.
• Wear sunglasses. Sunglasses will protect your delicate skin in your
• Avoid indoor tanning. Indoor tanning involves a device that emits
UV radiation to tan the skin. Studies show that the risk of cutaneous
melanoma is increased by 75% when the use of tanning devices starts
before age 30.

Those are some recommendations to reduce your chance of skin cancer.
You are also advised to do regular screening and check up on your skin
health with your dermatologist.